1) Living in harmony with the environment goes together with living in harmony with the other people: as long as we have conflicts with other people, we will have conflicts with the environment.

2) Not living in harmony means struggling for resources.

3) A society that does not live in harmony is bound to destroy itself because: a) everything becomes more and more sophisticated, including weapons, and once a ‘civilization’ has weapons of mass destruction it is only a matter of time before they are used; and b) continually a smaller percentage of people appropriates a larger percentage of all resources, thus increasing the pressure between the different groups of people and between them and their environment.

4) Living in harmony with the others and with the environment is not utopia, but the only way to avoid mankind’s self-destruction.

5) Living in harmony means not doing to others what we find hateful ourselves, and doing to others what we expect them to do to us.

6) To avoid self-destruction we must investigate why we have conflicts with the others and with our environment.

7) Instead of looking for another habitable planet, we must ensure that our planet never becomes uninhabitable.

8) The most important question concerning possible extraterrestrial life is whether such a society lives in harmony. If extraterrestrials do so, we form a threat to them; if they don’t, they form a threat to us.

9) When extraterrestrials look like the animals we feed on, we will eat them, whereas if they look like us, but are not as smart as us, we will exploit them, just as we do with other people. When we look like the animals that form part of their diet, they will eat us, whereas if we look like them, but are not so clever, they will exploit us.

10) When we reflect about the possibility of extraterrestrial life we become aware of the golden rule: not doing to other creatures what we find hateful, and doing to them what we expect them to do to us.

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