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Since I discovered something relevant about our society’s nature, I have asked myself a million times whether I am crazy or all the others are crazy. It comforts me to know that many others have asked the same question and that one of them was Albert Einstein.

Apart from a great scientist, Einstein was also a great philosopher. When I read his quotes I found that I had developed ideas similar to his ideas about our society. It amazed me that he had asked that question. Since he was a recognized academic, I assumed that he knew that he wasn’t crazy. I thought that only someone who fails to divulge his discoveries asks that question, since he then wonders whether his idea is valid or not.

The academic world doesn’t pay much attention to someone who is self-taught. Without someone knowledgeable who evaluates his work, he is left with doubts. When he fails to broadcast his discovery, he feels as if he hasn’t discovered anything since society then doesn’t benefit from his work.

The idea that I would like the academic world to evaluate is the following: is a society that doesn’t live in harmony – like ours –bound to destroy itself? In case it isn’t true, I am worrying for nothing; in case it is, we should all worry because self-destruction may then be very close. Am I crazy for worrying for no reason? Are all the others crazy for not recognizing a serious danger?

I think that whoever reflects on mankind’s evolution can reach this conclusion. One then sees that everything continually becomes more sophisticated – including weapons – and that once a society has weapons of mass destruction it is only a matter of time before they are used. One then also sees that continuously a smaller percentage of the world population appropriates a higher percentage of all the resources, which increases the tension between different groups of people, and between them and the environment. Since both are consequences of our struggle for resources, one can then conclude that a society that doesn’t live in harmony – like ours – is bound to destroy itself.

Since I had this idea, more than twenty years ago, I cannot ignore that mankind’s survival is in danger. I find that those who do so either don’t process all available information correctly or are irresponsible for going on with their lives as if it is not in danger.

Some people find my vision of the future pessimistic. It isn’t because I don’t consider that we are bound to destroy ourselves, but that to avoid our self-destruction we must establish harmony. Therefore, my vision is optimistic because harmony is an ideal that we should all long for.

To reach the conclusion that a society that doesn’t live in harmony is bound to destroy itself we must accept that harmony is possible, because if we don’t, it implies that we are bound to destroy ourselves. Since that idea is so stressful people prefer to ignore it.

A good reason for assuming that harmony is possible is that everything in the universe seems to follow the cause and effect principle. This idea implies that when we know what circumstances make people behave badly, we can do something about them.

Whereas fatalistic people wonder whether perhaps self-destruction is our destiny, dreamers believe that no one will be so irresponsible to start a nuclear war. However, history teaches us that every so often people rise to power who, when they realize that they are losing a conflict, want everybody to lose.

My great hope for making people become aware of what awaits a society that doesn’t live in harmony is that today scientists claim that mankind’s survival is in danger. The fact that some already speculate about the date on which our planet becomes inhabitable of course forces people to react.

Several decades ago scientists warned about the consequences of a nuclear war. Today they warn about the climate change. Whereas then they recommended not using nuclear weapons, today they recommend not harming our environment. However, the problem is that we have conflicts with others and with the environment because we fight for resources. As long as we continue to do so, we will continue to damage our environment and have wars. Therefore, the real problem is not nuclear weapons or the climate change, but our struggle for resources.

If you can refute that a society that doesn’t live in harmony is bound to destroy itself, please let me know which of my premises is incorrect. If you can’t, please share this link with friends and acquaintances.

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